Jamdani Fastival 2019

Bangladesh Jatiya Karushilpa Parishad - National Crafts Council of Bangladesh (NCCB) is organising a month-long  Jamdani Festival, in collaboration with the Bengal Foundation from 6 September 2019 at Bengal Shilpalay, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.. It is also being partnered by four outstanding craft organisations of Bangladesh - Aarong, Aranya, Tangail Saree Kutir and Kumudini. For the first time ever images of antique Jamdanis, the famous  “ the loom figured Muslin “ of Dhaka,  have been sourced from international museums and private collectors to be  replicated by masterweavers as well as the best of our young generation weavers. The Festival will highlight and celebrate this unique textile tradition of Bangladesh which has received UNESCO’s Citation as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Bangladesh in 2013 and the National GI Certification in 2014. 

The Jamdani Festival will include:

- a world class Exhibition showcasing reproductions of 100 - 200 year old Jamdanis, as well as a collection of original antique Jamdani saris loaned by well wishers within the country and abroad. The Exhibition is expected to travel to other countries in the coming years.

- an International Seminar with national and international experts.

- a collectible catalogue for guests as well as a folder of original Jamdani designs for the weavers. 

- a documentary to record the history and production process by weavers and allied artisans. 

- Mastercraftsperson Lifetime Award for the most gifted master weaver for his skill and his contribution to the community. Three National Awards will also be given to the best weavers and their assistants who have created masterpieces for the Festival.

- a series of Weavers’ Workshops have been organised for the artisans to share the objectives of the Festival and include them as stakeholders in this extraordinary initiative. 

- establish a database of Jamdani weavers and allied artisans with the support of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. This project will undertake options of literacy programme for apprentice weavers in collaboration with Research Initiatives Bangladesh.

-  Field visits to Sonargaon to witness the extraordinary skill of Jamdani masterweavers for students of art and fashion design as well as foreign and local craft aficionados.

NCCB hopes this initiative will restore the quality and exquisite design content of Jamdanis which set it apart from all other textiles of the world. We need everyone’s support to make it happen and hope you will join us in making this dream a reality.